Cookies are the text files containing all the small amounts of information that make available our site to recognize on your device and allow the downloading process on your device when you visit a website if you agree to the site doing so. Cookies are then sent back to the website on each successive visit, or to another website that recognizes the cookies.

Cookies have their own importance which allows the website to recognize the device of the user and it is also used to make the website effective and efficient. It works on improving the user experience and remembers the preferences of users. And shows you the products which are of your interest and liking.

 Our website uses cookies to differentiate you from the other users of Prettylovingthing.com (our “site”). It helps the user to get a better experience when you browse the website. For the company, cookies make sure the relevant area of improvements and a check on the website performances. The part of the cookies we use is “analytical” cookies. It basically allows the company to have a count on the number of visitors and the users of the website.


Cookies did not contain any confidential information of the user like address, credit card details, Mobile number, etc. Pretty Loving Thing do not share or exchange the cookies with a third party. Our advertisers and affiliates also use some cookies and it is all governed by their cookies policy and users’ preferences. For more information on this please refer to these parties’ cookies policy. 


The kind of cookies positioned and the preferences available to the user will depend on the functionality of the respective cookie. 


Users can modify the settings on their browser to disable the cookies and to alter the approach taken to cookies downloaded on users devices. These choices are available in various locations depending on the browser users are using. 

 If users choose to disable cookies by altering the preferences or the browser settings, our website and its features may not necessarily work in the same way or produce the same personalized experience. If the user deleted all the cookies, the user will have to update user preferences with us again. If the user uses a different device, computer profile or browser user will have to tell us the preferences once again.


We appreciate the feedback and are pleased to answer any questions users may have about the cookies we use.

Please send any questions, comments, or requests for more information to support@prettylovingthing.com

This cookies policy was last updated on 15.09.2021


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