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We bring a pretty loveable offer specially for you!!

What discount offers do we have?

  1. For your next purchase, you will get the best discounts and exciting gifts with us. 
  2. Refer to your friends and get an extra discount.
  3. We do our best to make coupon redemption easy and fast for our customers.
  4. Discount codes we offer contain a combination of brand-unique numbers and letters and are often applied during the checkout process.
  5. We offer one-time used promo code, personalized to an individual, or a generic code that can be shared.
  6. We offer discounts that are automatically applied at checkout.

We provide this type of offers like:-

  1. Daily Sale Offers
  2. Weekly Sale Offers
  3. Monthly Sale Offers
  4. Festival Sale Offers

Steps to apply discount offers and coupon codes:-

  1. Firstly open the website  www.prettylovingthing.com.
  2. Select the product which you like the most and then click on that product.
  3. After clicking on the product, select the different product options like choose the size and colour of your product.
  4. After selecting the product options, click on the “Add To Cart” option.
  5. After clicking on the “Add To Cart” option, then click on “View Cart” option and after that you will be able to see your selected product in the cart.
  6. After clicking on the “View Cart” option, then you will be able to see the “Apply Coupon” option at the bottom of your selected product.
  7. In the “Apply Coupon” option you will apply your discount coupon and then below you will be able to see that your coupon has been applied successfully.
  8. After applying your discount offer, you can process the order by clicking the “Proceed to Checkout” option.
  9. After clicking the “Proceed To Checkout” option, you can finally proceed your order with the applied discount coupon.

What discount offers do we have on social media?

  1. We do giveaways for the people so that they can participate, we give discount coupons to some of them winners.
  2. On festivals we keep discounts for people so that they can take advantage of discount vouchers on festivals.
  3. Keep off on maximum shopping to get maximum discount.

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